Dicebag Genuine Leather Black Large


Genuine Leather Dicebag in Black Doubles As a Dice Tray or Coin Pouch. Real metal cord lock

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Genuine Leather Dicebag in Black

This black bag holds 14 polyhedral sets of dice. Finally a dicebag that opens up enough to see all your dice at once. High quality bag with real metal cord lock and real leather cord. Perfect for Dungeons and Dragons and other rpg games where set of dice or coins are used.

Dicebag or Coin Pouch

Pathfinder and other role play game fans will love this coin pouch made from genuine leather.

Dicebag Doubles As a Dice Tray

Ours is one of the only designs that let you see all your dice. A two purpose bag and dice tray in one. Roll on real leather to reveal your fate.

Dicebag gift idea

Looking for a Dungeons and Dragons or rpg related gift for him or her? A special gift for any occasion. Dungeons and Dragons groups love our bags for keeping dice.

Dice Addiction

We know that dice addiction is a real thing because we are actually addicts ourselves. With this in mind, we do larger dicebags on request.

In conclusion we only use excellent quality materials but especially relevant they are very carefully and skilfully crafted by hand. Great looking dicebags to Keep your precious dice. Our leather includes a wide range of colours like black, brown, snake skin, red, cloudy beige, white, cream, yellow, deep purple, burgundy, blue, turquoise and a few green hues. Some are textured and some resemble dragon scales.

Be brave and prepare for battle for we are the underdogs and our destiny awaits. Roll initiative

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