DM Flight Stands for Dungeon Masters and Game Masters

First of all our dm Flight Stand shows how high you’re flying and most noteworthy they are great for Dungeons and Dragons. They are very useful for all role play games like Warhammer and Pathfinder or anything with flying minis and monsters. All stands come with free magnets and therefore they are ready to use in your game. A DM would love these for his flying players and monsters.

DM Flight Stand shows how high you’re flying

Invented and designed by us, we present you with a fantastic new invention, to help calculate how high you’re flying and how far you are falling. They are made with stainless steel and are provided with 3 stand magnets for your minis and 2 mega powerful tiny magnets to put under your monsters. These are amazing and come with flight heights. Great gift for your DM or treat yourself.

DM Inspiration Tokens for Dungeon Masters and Game Masters

First of all our dm inspiration tokens are made of glass with a curved top for slight magnification. They feature a magical flaming D20 making them a perfect inspiration for a Dungeon Master to give his players

Our dice bag is one of only a few designs that let you see all your dice, good for a DM

This black bag holds 14 polyhedral sets of dice. Finally a dicebag that opens up enough to see all your dice at once. High quality bag with real metal cord lock and real leather cord. Perfect for Dungeons and Dragons and other rpg games where set of dice or coins are used.

Pathfinder and other role play game fans will love this coin pouch made from genuine leather. Our Dice bag doubles As a dice tray, a two purpose bag and tray in one. Our design opens up to reveal all your dice without taking any out. This is extremely handy while playing Dungeons and Dragons when table space is limited.

Roll on real leather to reveal your fate.

DM Dice bag gift idea

Looking for a Dungeons and Dragons or rpg related gift for him or her? A special gift for any occasion. Dungeons and Dragons groups love our bags for keeping dice. Our dice bag is very versatile and can be used for a gift of jewellery.